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Synonyms for Calcium Carbonate (other words and phrases for Calcium Carbonate). Log in. Synonyms for Calcium carbonate. 19 other terms for calcium carbonate- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples. thesaurus. words. phrases. Parts of speech. nouns. caco3. n. compound caco3. n.

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CALCIUM CARBONATE, 99% pure, -325 mesh, CaCO3.Uses: Calcium carbonate appears as white, odorless powder or colorless crystals. Practically insoluble in water. Occurs extensive in rocks world-wide. Ground calcium carbonate (CAS: ) results directly from the mining of limestone. The extraction process keeps the carbonate very close to its original state of purity and delivers a finely ...

'Calcium carbonate is quite insoluble in water and sinks to the bottom.' 'Heating and agitation, after the introduction of sodium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, and waste material settled.' 'Stalactites grow when water laden with carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate drips from cracks or holes in the cave's ceiling.'

Jul 24, 2006· Calcium carbonate, ACS - 1 - Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification MSDS Name: Calcium carbonate, ACS Catalog Numbers: LC12690 Synonyms: Precipitated chalk, aragonite, agricultural limestone, calcite, dolomite, franklin. Company Identification: LabChem, Inc. 200 William Pitt Way Pittsburgh, PA 15238 Company Phone Number: (412 ...

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is a substance widely used for various purposes, for example, as a filler and pigment material not only in paper, plastics, rubbers, paints, and inks but also in pharmaceutics, cosmetics, construction materials, and asphalts and as a nutritional supplement in animal foods (1).

Dec 18, 2020· CALCIUM CARBONATE†. calcium salt of carbonic acid; limestone (naturally occuring []); marble. White, odorless powder or colorless crystals. Calcium carbonate is soluble in concentrated mineral acids. Tared low-ash 37 mm PVC filter, 5 microns, preceded by 10 mm nylon Dorr-Oliver cyclone for respirable samples.

Definition of CALcium CARBonate in the dictionary. Meaning of CALcium CARBonate. What does CALcium CARBonate mean? Information and translations of CALcium CARBonate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Calcium carbonate. CaCO3. Synonyms: Calcium carbonate. CAS 471-34-1. Molecular Weight 100.09. Browse Calcium carbonate and related products at MilliporeSigma.

Synonyms & Trade Names Calcium carbonate [Limestone], Natural calcium carbonate [Limestone] [Note: Calcite & aragonite are commercially important natural calcium carbonates.] CAS No.

Calcium Carbonate Formula. It is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CaCO 3.; It is a white insoluble powder-like substance which occurs naturally in minerals, chalk, marble, limestone, calcite, shells, pearl, etc.; Medicinally, it is used as an antacid or as a calcium supplement.

calcium-carbonate | definition: a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone | synonyms: carbonate| antonyms: stay, black. is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions.

Calcium carbonate. Molecular Weight: 102.1 Molecular Formula: CH2O3.Ca ... This table shows how each list refers to the substance. To view more metadata about the specific Synonym, click on the Synonym. Statutes/Regulations Synonym Synonym Quality Effective Date End Date Active Status; TSCA Inv Carbonic acid calcium salt (1:1)

Answer (1 of 3): Calcium carbonate sometime called limestone is insoluble in water,it reacts with acids such as hydrochloric acid to liberate carbon IV Oxide Used in making/manufacture of inorganic fertilizers such as Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Used of the soil to control acidity of the soil

1. Calcium carbonate [USP] 471-34-1. MW: 100.086. Transfer structure to query page. Find similar structures. Na + Find parent, salts, and hydrates. Enlarge the structure. 3D View 3D structure.

Feb 19, 2021· Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement used when the amount of calcium taken in the diet is not enough. Calcium is needed by the body for healthy bones, muscles, nervous system, and heart. Calcium carbonate also is used as an antacid to …

Calcium carbonate. Related Pages. Synonyms & Trade Names Calcium salt of carbonic acid [Note: Occurs in nature as as limestone, chalk, marble, dolomite, aragonite, calcite and oyster shells.] CAS No. 471-34-1 (synthetic) (natural) ...

Jan 23, 2021· Chemsrc provides calcium carbonate(CAS#:471-34-1) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of calcium carbonate are included as well. ... Synonyms. Carboxy(hydroxy)calcium Calcium, carboxyhydroxy- Calcium carbonate ...

Detailed Synonyms for calcium carbonate in English. calcium carbonate: calcium carbonate [the ~] noun. the calcium carbonate – a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone 1. the calcium carbonate – a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone 1.

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Calcium carbonate precipitated. CaCO3. Synonyms: Calcium carbonate. CAS 471-34-1. Molecular Weight 100.09. Browse Calcium carbonate precipitated and related products at MilliporeSigma.

Calcium Carbonate is a water insoluble Calcium source that can easily be converted to other Calcium compounds, such as the oxide by heating (calcination). Carbonate compounds also give off carbon dioxide when treated with dilute acids. Calcium Carbonate is generally immediately available in …

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Nanoparticles, nanodots or nanopowder are cubic or hexagonal high surface area particles. Nanoscale Calcium Carbonate Particles are typically 10 - 80 nanometers (nm) with specific surface area (SSA) in the 30 - 60 m 2 /g range. Nano Calcium Carbonate Particles are also available in passivated and Ultra high purity and ...

Synonyms for calcium carbonate include limestone, lime and calcite. Find more similar words at!

Purchase Calcium Carbonate, 99.98% Pure, -325 Mesh, CAS 471-34-1, From Noah Chemicals San Antonio, Texas. ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Request a Quote Today!

Magnesium calcium carbonate | C2CaMgO6 | CID 91886425 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological ...

Define calcium carbonate. calcium carbonate synonyms, calcium carbonate pronunciation, calcium carbonate translation, English dictionary definition of calcium carbonate. n. A colorless or white crystalline compound, CaCO3, occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, marble, and other forms and used in a wide variety of...

It is a derivative of the paper manufacturing process. It is a very simple material with very valuable ingredients. Below is a list of these ingredients. We can provide an SDS upon request. Ingredients: Chemical Ingredients: Common Names/Synonyms CAS Number: Percent Range: Calcium Carbonate Calcium salt of quicklime 5 – 50%.

Common Name: CALCIUM CARBONATE Synonyms: Calcium Salt of Carbonic Acid, Chalk Chemical Name: Limestone Date: July 2015 CAS Number: RTK Substance Number: 4001 DOT Number: NA Description and Use EMERGENCY RESPONDERS >>>> SEE LAST PAGE Calcium Carbonate is a white to tan odorless powder or odorless crystals.

Revised on 06/26/2012 Page 1 of 6 Safety Data Sheet Calcium Carbonate Marble Chips 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name: Calcium Carbonate Marble Chips Synonyms/Generic Names: None Product Number: 1055 Product Use: Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use Manufacturer: Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. N4335 Temkin Rd.


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