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Aug 09, 2013· Yam slicer, yam parboiler, hammer mill with cyclone, industrial nylon sealing machine and a weighing machine. The production process is highlighted below; Yam selection: fresh harvested yam gotten from the farm are sorted to select whole-some tubers that are suitable for the production of instant pounded yam flour.

conventional process for making poundoyam is tedious and - energy demanding. Since poundo-yam has so much prestige and is the most popular way of eating yam, concerted research efforts must be made at improving and/or replacing the dominant traditional and current batch poundo-yam processing methods.

• A multistage process where rice passes through a number of different operations and machines from paddy to white rice. 3.1 One pass milling Pestle and mortar Hand pounding of paddy in a mortar with a pestle is still practiced in some remote areas. Pounding …

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Pounding Machine - Jas enterprise. 11 Nov 2014 ... chili pounding machines, pounding machines, mirchi kandap machine, yams pounding machine, Fufu pounding machine, cassava pounding machine, kava pounding machine, ... It is equipped with specially designed lever to lock or unlock the hammering process. ... Construction of pounding machine. Read more

Abstract: A documented poundo yam process plant that produces 12.25 kg of poun- do yam within 315.04 min was studied so as to address its associated problems. It

tedious and laborious indigenous process of preparing pounded yam. The need for a machine that will pound yam to this needed quality with less human effort and time becomes expedient. The main objective of this work, therefore, is to develop a reliable and efficient yam pounding machine that would be easy to operate and maintain. Yam pounding ...

Feb 06, 2021· The processing of yam into yam flour and poundo yam (pounded yam flour) will make any dummy more money than the actual sale of actual yam. Reason is because yam flour and pounded yam flour (poundo yam) can be stored for longer period and you will not be under pressure to sell due to possibility of spoilage.

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This paper explicitly gives the details of the design of an integrated process plant for poundo yam production. The paper covers the deign analysis of each machine involved in the production process of the process plant. Viz a viz peeling and slicing machine; parboiling machine; conveyor; sieving machine; drying machine and grinding machine. It explained the material required for the ...

nated from. Yam is the second most important root or tuber crop in Africa with production reaching just under one third level of cassava.[1] Yam tubers are consumed in many differ-ent forms including roasted, baked, pounded, mashed and fried.[2] Deep fat frying is a simultaneous heat and mass transfer process, which leads to a

Oct 18, 2012· Yam flour is powdech widely used in food preparation. Typically white, the flour is commonly used in African dishes, such as amala. It may be used in many other recipes if desired as well. It is prepared by grinding dried yams until they reach a powdered consistency. Dehydrated flour from yams may also be produced from sun drying.

pounded yam is an important local delicacy. 2.2. Modifications Made on the Yam Pounding Machine for Cowpea Dehulling . The commercial version of the yam pounding machine manufactured by Addis Engineering Ltd. was used for this work. The metallic beaters (Figure 1c) were replaced with rubber-lined beaters and a variable speed electric motor

Flour Machinery Yam Processing Machine 500g Home Use Grains Grinder Flour Milling Machinery Yam Flour Processing Machine. $40.00-$80.00/ Piece. 1000 Pieces (Min. Order) Yongkang Tianqi Shengshi Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. CN 7 YRS.

construction of cassava milling machine. To select suitable materials based on result of the analysis for the construction of the machine To prepare a neat and detailed working drawing for the construction process. To discuss the results of the performance test. To present the necessary information on the machine efficiency. II.

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Pounding of fufu from yams and cassava to make a gelatinous sticky product can take up to one hour using ... Pounding machines are available, but hand pounding is often preferred as it gives the product a superior taste. 2.9.-De-watering . ... The process is most common in cassava processing where it is an important method or reducing toxicity.

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pumper engineer to drive the 30,000 pound fire apparatus on a road that had a bridge with a 10,000 load limit. The officer responded to the question by saying that "it was an emergency". Rescue personnel often think that the physical laws of the universe do not apply when there is "an emergency". Gravity is

Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF ... 4.7 Blender 9.4 Electric cooker 35.9 Gas cooker 7.8 Hot plates 10.9 Boiling ring 7.8 Kettle 4.7 Kerosene stove 3.1 Yam pounding machine 4.7 Metallic pots 3.1 Reasons for abandoning KE Lack of spare parts 19.2 High cost of repairs 80.0 Main causes of fault in KE Poor operational practices 61.5 Poor ...

Sep 08, 2016· The basic raw material is yam. Machinery and Equipment requires 1. Gas-fired boiler 2. Drier 3. Disc mill 4. Sieve 5. Weighing scale 6. Sealing machine. PROCESSING METHOD Yam is peeled, washed and sliced. It is parboiled to develop the typical 'amala' flavour. This process involves boiling the yam slices in water for a few minutes with ...

developed a yam-pounding machine and after trial of the said machine by many people the popular opinion was that pounded yam from the said machine was not as palatable as the one made by the use of mortar and pestle. Of course the machine make pounding less stressful but the local people believe it withdraws the taste from it. What an irony?

iv process equipment - 10 pages + 20* us$ 70 us$ 110 v storage tanks - cylindrical & spherical - 11 pages + 20* us$ 80 us$ 130 vi welding and flame cutting - 18 pages + 20* us$ 75 us$ 120 vii corrosion protection - 3 pages + 20* us$ 35 us$ 55 viii thermal insulation - 3 pages + 20* us$ 35 us$ 55 ...

yam Flour production machine flow process chart. yam flour production plant introduction : To produce high qualtiy yamflour, The fresh roots must be healthy without rot and well handled from farm. The roots should be processed within 24 hours after harvesting.

Chapter 5 - Processing of Roots and Tubers. 5.1 Processing Of Cassava. 5.2 Processing of other Root and Tuber Crops. Chapters 2 and 3 discussed the high moisture content characteristic of roots and tubers which makes them difficult to store for any length of time. Also they are bulky and difficult to handle and transport to distant markets.

The yam pounding machine developed by Makanjuola (1975) was adopted for dehulling steeped cowpea grains. The machine simulates traditional method of dehulling steeped cowpea grains which involves rubbing the steeped grains between two abrasive surfaces until the seed coat becomes loose and gets detached from the endosperm. The main components include the dehulling chamber, the lid, …

machine is one of such ways of replacing human efforts in yam pounding process. Yam is one of the oldest known recipes to man. It is a tuber crop, which belongs to the class of

What Are The Important Of A Yam Pounding Machine Pdf. Such as pounded yam machine. This is one of the ways of eliminating human effort, through the development of yam pounding machine. Yam is the oldest known recipes to man, it is a tuber crop which belong to the class of carbohydrates and has been a part of the African meal edible consumed as ...

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