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Product Description. This is for 500 rounds of Once Fired 308 Military Processed Brass Mixed headstamps. This brass has been processed using Scharch machines. They check the round for cracks and it removes the primer, and reams the primer pocket. Brass is not resized or trimmed.

Jun 20, 2013· jmorris said: I would make some changes if I were to produce one for sale. I just built that one with scrap parts. Only thing I had to buy were a few bushings, set collars and two gears. Cost would be around the same thing Scharch and Camdex go for, about $7500 more than the shell sorter set.

Machine Work; And Fabrication; Need Something? If you do not find something on our site or price sheet that you need, Call Us @ 480-987-3301 and find that we may already have the item, or we can help you locate what you need. Price Disclaimer. Please Note: ALL PRICING subject to final verification at time of purchase. Call for accurate pricing.

Retail dealers will appreciate our factory boxes with our distinctive logo and easy to read endflaps. Freight: Concho Cartridge Company pays freight on 10,000 shell cases minimum, quantity determined by weight, returned for remanufacture.Less than 10,000, customer pays …

One Machine. The World's Most Advanced Inspection System (888) 817-6314 REQUEST A QUOTE LATEST NEWS Ammunition Inspection. GI has developed the world's fastest and most accurate ammunition inspection machines available. Fastener Inspection.

Whilst we will happily refund any unfilled orders or backorders, a minimum Merchant Fee of 15% or $50 or the merchant fee applied to (whichever is the greater) will be deducted. Yes we pay about 7.5% merchant fees for each sale / transaction. Select your Rollsizer*. Commercial. Suitable for high volume shooters and commercial ...

Mar 09, 2012· Range Master Case Inspector Auto Reamer. Precision Cartridge, Inc. · February 20, 2012 February 20, 2012

Black Plastic Ammunition Tray for 9mm, 380, .38, or . 357 Magnum - 20 or 50 Capacity. From $10.50 - $178.50.

Scharch Depriming Machine Model D, .38 Caliber (2) Waterbury Farrel 7-Position Auto Loader (2) Ammo Load Worldwide 11-Station Loader Model Mark L (12) Ammo Load Worldwide 9-Station Loader Model Mark V (18) Ammo Load Worldwide 6" Vibrating Bowl Feeders Model PF1 (5+) Scharch 16" Vibrating Bowl Feeders, 9mm / .40 / .45 / .38

The brass was cleaned and polished with corn cob. This processed brass has mix headstamps. We used Scharch machines this checks for cracks, and removes the spent primer. The primer pocket has been reamed. This brass is not resized. Brass and bullet orders over $75.00 are shipped free. Orders under $75.00 are charged $7.50 for shipping.

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Sep 14, 2012· Magma makes an automated version for around $6k. Not sure how much the scharch is. I've searched around and there are as many different opinions as there are people using the different machines. Some people like the push through style, some …

Nov 15, 2009· The Scharch machine is a auto processor that knocks out the primer,cks for ringers, reams the primer pocket then resizes the lower end of the case through a cam sizer all on one machine start to finish and falls to the bend, espically for lake city rifle brass from mil spec.

19 · Used Equipement For Sale Price; Refurbished Scharch Case Processing Machine with Collator, Bulk Feed, Updated PLC Controlled Electronics. Tooled for one caliber: Call for more information and pricing: Refurbished Bitterroot Priming Machine with Collator and Primer Vibe Bowl. Tooled for one caliber: Call for more information and pricing

The brass is then height sorted in an inline sorter. Finally the brass is roll sized in a Scharch commercial roll sizer. This is the prep we do prior to processing our 9mm brass. This is the best value for the person who enjoys working their own brass. Clean - brass has been sorted, wet tumbled, dried and packaged for …

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The Scharch Range Master machines are fully automated and cases are checked for any debris and pressure tested for any splits or cracks. Primers are removed, flash holes are cleared, and primer pockets are reamed to accept new primers.

Sep 24, 2021· Brass has been washed, run through a SCHARCH machine a buddy has. These are the same machines TOP BRASS uses. It deprimes, checks for ringers, checks for cracked cases, and then reams out the crimp to a consistent controlled depth. I then brought it home and sized it and trimmed it on my dillon 1050. Tumbled off the case lube and stored it.

Jun 05, 2010· Scharch Mfg Inc. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Nov 10, 2012· Hogan seems to be confused on the issue of Conevera having 223 brass that has the crimp still in tact. I am John Conevera from TJ Conevera. We have never sold once fired brass that has the crimp in. Why purchase a $15,000 Scharch machine to remove such a crimp in primer pocket and not used the machine. I was advised by a member of this site.

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Nov 07, 1990· SCHARCH; DANIEL J. Primary Class: 53/444. Other Classes: ... This machine uses a large base assembly with a shaker table mounted on the base assembly. The shaker table is shimmed to be at an angle to the base and driven by a motor mounted externally on one side of the base assembly. The top of the base assembly forms a funnel into which the ...

With the Sortinator, all you have to do is set up the machine and keep the case feeder supplied with brass. On average, the Sortinator is able to identify and segregate one case every second. It can handle clean brass or dirty brass, pistol or revolver, large primer or small primer, deprimed or not, and any caliber between 9mm to .308 in length ...

Precision Cartridge, Inc. has been in business since 1986. All cases are inspected, primer pockets reamed, then processed with Scharch Roller Sizers to restore original case dimensions! All reloading is done in our professional shop using Camdex machines (the same type the original manufacturers use!) and Dillion RL-1000 machines.

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Apr 19, 2018· Still looking for a Scharch Cartridge-Case Roll-Sizing-Machine with or without the vibratory-feed. Prefer an old Scharch Mfg. machine if you know of one available for sale, but will evaluate other machines for purchase..

Diamond K Brass sells the best once fired brass online. We have bulk ammo reloading supplies, brass components, casings & shells for sale. Order online today!

Case-Pro 100. Welcome To Case-Pro 100. This machine was designed with reliability in mind. We accomplished this with a simple process using a forming rail. The rail is mounted to the base casting with 2 precision shoulder bolts and a back up rail mounted to a slide. These components are made of tool steel harden to a Rockwell of 58-60.

Top Brass Offers The Best Value in Reloading! Military brass machined and reconditioned to better than new specs for most common handgun and rifle calibers. Wholesale packaging, boxes, and trays for custom-manufactured ammunition.

This is a must for competitive shooters and commercial reloaders alike. Calibre options include 32S&W, 380ACP, 9mm, 38S/SC, 357SG/40CAl, 45ACP, 38SP/357mag, 44Mag, 308 and 223/5.56 rifle calibres. Processing speeds up to 6,100 cases per hour for pistol calibres and 4,000 cases per hour for rifle calibres. The rollsizer can easily be slowed down ...


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