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With more than 1,000 mill installations worldwide, MillMax, designed for cane with preparation index higher than 90%.MillMaxή equipped with Fives Cail has introduced successfully into the market a new and patented mill technology: >. Open the catalog to page 1. tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} Open the catalog to page 2.

Le MillMax® et la CEFT, 2 équipements éco-innovants au service d'une économie verte A. Mesmacque, L. Cegel, X. Lamblin Fives Cail, 22, rue du Carrousel, BP 10374, 59669 Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex, Tel: +33(0)3 20 88 96 00, Fax : + 33(0)3 20 88 96 03 [email protected], [email protected] Résumé

Mill technologies that are flexible to suit every process requirement. Including our range of cage, conventional and universal forming technologies, as well as transition beam systems for 4 mm – 762 mm diameters of tube and pipe. We also offer a range of special application devices.

Cail & Fletcher MillMax®: high extraction and low energy consumption. The Cail & Fletcher MillMax ® was specifically designed to offer high sugar extraction and low power consumption. It has two high-extraction rolls, a large diameter feed roll and a CAP ® device, which prevents re-absorption and ensures low pol bagasse and low bagasse humidity. The mill operates without a trash plate and ...

1 feeder roller r2j2 pressure rollers Up to 75% pol extraction on first unit at maximum capacity K Messchaert grooves FT]No trash plate CAP®: reabsorption reduced by 50% compared with a conventional mill No hydraulic pressure on top roller OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE — Optimized and easy settings — Only 2 pressure rollers — Variable speed — Patented device for limiting juice …

Email: [email protected] – Website: Costs comparison 4-roller mill MillMax® Saving with MillMax® (%) Capital costs (mill + drive + civil costs) 100 90 10 Maintenance per year 100 80 20 Energy consumption per year 100 80 20 Operating conditions: 420 tch during 200 days Configuration (boiler @ 60 bar)

MillMax® Acelerador de progreso Gracias al íntimo conocimiento de la industria azucarera, Fives Cail ha establecido un mejoramiento continuo de todos sus equipos. Con más de 1000 molinos instalados en el mundo, Fives Cail ha introducido al mercado con …

Oct 04, 2020· conventional mill No hydraulic pressure on top roller DRIVES MillMaxÔ is suited for ang drive (steam turbine, electric or hydraulic motor). For more energy savings 3 electric drives Costs comparison Capital costs (mill 4-roller mill IOO Saving with [email protected] (0/0) 10 20 -20 [email protected] 90 80 80 + drive + civil costs) Maintenance IOO per gear

Driving progress Thanks to an intimate knowledge of the sugar industry, Fives Cail has set up a continuous improvement of its equipment. With more than 1,000 mill installations worldwide, Fives Cail has introduced successfully into the market a …

About Mill-Max. Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. is a vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing company capable of producing over 100 million interconnect components a week, making us the largest manufacturer of precision machined interconnect components in North America.

Forest-Liné Mill Turn. Printable Version. Heavy load. Hydrostatic bearing. Very robust design. Medium to large diameter rotary plate for milling or mill/turn application. Rotary plates designed and made in house. Many successes recorded in various industries from bottling machinery to spatial launch vehicles. Markets / Applications.

Maximum Connections. Since 1971, Mill-Max has been manufacturing and designing high reliability precision-machined interconnect components and is a recognized global leader in both industry standard and application specific interconnects.Our US-based manufacturing is housed entirely in one location ensuring MAXIMUM reliability, service and convenience.


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